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Managing Your Case Strategies

A legal case is developed and prepared for litigation advocacy by first determining what specifically is at the core of the true legal issues in hand and then by carefully reviewing the facts that are genuinely applicable to those issues and therefore necessitate proof.  Once the case is understood from this perspective, the effort shifts to review of how the opposing side may try to unwind and disprove, or even distract from, the case - and what can be done to keep the process heading along the right track.  A skilled advocate readies by diligently preparing for the argument, the counter argument, and the counter counter argument.

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Attentive Consultative Approach

Your legal case is your legal case.  Advisors should listen first and give advice second.  A legal case involves much more than evidence, facts, issues, and legal arguments; at the foremost, a legal case involves people.  Putting people first prioritizes the wants, needs, and desires, of the client and places the driving focus on the outcome preference of the client, as it should be.  While a legal advocate will know the applicable law, it is the client that will always best understand the background and overall dynamics.  Only via a compassioned listening will the advocate appreciate those parts of the case that can't be found in legal textbooks.

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